Welcome to s•c•e•e•e Photography, a western Kentucky photography business based in Marshall County that specializes in family portraits and senior high school portraits that show life! This means we take more time before and during the shoot to understand who you are and we work toward ensuring your professional portraits illustrate this. While we can do classical portraiture, our speciality is those portraits which show emotion and life - those images that you will remember forever.

In addition to our professional portraits, we also offer fine art photography. From macro work to landscapes, God's beautiful work is demonstrated all around us. The fine art photography you will find here at s•c•e•e•e Photography shows the beauty of creation in everyday situations. We are also available to work on a contract basis to capture fine art that is meaningful to you. From high-quality canvas wraps to metal prints, even glass and acrylic showpieces, we have exactly what you need to accent those areas in which you work and live.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is your studio?
Many photographers choose to have studios with professional backdrops and props, but we have decided to go another route. We bring the studio to you! This may mean a few lights outside on a beautiful day, or it may mean we bring a backdrop to your living room. This allows you and your family to be in a much more comfortable environment for wardrobe changes and those times inbetween shots.

Can I purchase digital prints?

No, we do not sell digital prints, but we do give them away for free! You will receive free digital social media images for every purchased image.

I hate getting my picture made. I never like how I look. What can you do about this?
We use professional posing techniques to avoid the ten pounds and ten years many people find a camera adds to them. In fact, we believe you will find our portraits take ten pounds and ten years off!

How do I know what to wear?
Solid colors that cover arms and legs are preferred. Prior to your family portraiture shoot we will provide some tips and tricks for a successful shoot, as well as a written list to help remind you the day of the shoot.

What if I am not happy with any of the shots?
Our services come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are displeased with your professional portraits at your private showing, we will refund 100% of your sitting fee and destroy your electronic images. There is no risk to you. Once your professional images are ordered, any printing mistakes or shipment damages will be replaced upon inspection and authorization.

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